Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas
to one and all

CF2013 is over and soon is this year
I hope everyone had fun and made loads of memories this year
And soon we will have a new year with new beginnings 

Stay safe and be blessed everyone

we will be needing it to ride through the next storm next year 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

watching Frozen had me thinking a lot
sometimes that door be it open or close
is how you see it

when everybody is thinking how much isolated they are like elsa...
i felt anna's isolation is worst

think about it
(oh spoilers ahead~!)

elsa had her parents worried and those who care about her by her side
whereas anna... as happy go lucky she is roam around the empty halls
that fake happiness was the only thing had her going.. :/
when she roam around the streets ... its just a temporary happiness...
the longing of being wanted and the attention 

that's why she was so hasty to accept hans' proposal and so easily cheated
cause the desperation and isolation from the ones she loved...

why did anna still seem so happy?

that's cause she opened the door... hoping one day elsa will come in at any time

that patience and hope... and the longing of wanting the love from someone you truly care about is what matters most...

its not whether you open that door or not... its about how you open that door

i wish my "elsa" would open the door... and my door has always been wide open
and build a snowman with me...